Cutting-edge Imaging Technology at HCI Radiology for Better Diagnostics

HealthCare Imaging, HCI, utilizes state-of-the-art Digital Imaging Technology with an Advanced PACS Radiology System built on a highly secure, real-time, and wireless platform. Our client response team and field technicians are equipped with mobile PCs and handheld devices using advanced field communication applications. As a result, we provide rapid, responsive, and reliable mobile radiology services in Arizona and Texas. We are dedicated to providing our services every day of the year. STAT orders are handled within 4 hours, while routine requests are addressed within 8 hours.

Healthcare Imaging Services

HealthCare Imaging has been providing services to old-age facilities, homebound patients, hospitals, and clinical laboratories with comprehensive diagnostic imaging solutions since 1998. Our skilled personnel uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional patient care through various portable diagnostics services, including digital x-rays, ultrasounds, EKG / ABI, and Echocardiograms.


At HCI, we offer radiology services, including mammography and X-rays for all parts of the body


Our services include Venous Doppler, Arterial Doppler, Abdominal Exams, Thyroid Exams, and more.



The electrocardiogram EKG captures the heart's electrical activity and is a fast, safe, and painless procedure.



This test is used to identify the presence of heart disease, including issues with heart valves and myocardium, cardiac masses, and congenital heart disease.

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The HCI platform enables high levels of throughput and consistency while allowing for customization and flexibility to meet the specific needs of each user. The system can automate evaluation and assessment processes, minimizing time-consuming tasks and ensuring accurate outcomes. By integrating various imaging modalities and streamlining workflow, HealthCare Imaging improves digital imaging services for HouseCall doctors, old age facilities, and hospitals. If you’re in the imaging field and are looking for a fulfilling career in the healthcare field explore our career page for more information.

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Our technologists perform mobile diagnostic screening exams with imaging equipment to ensure the healthcare safety and security of your patient’s residence, including nursing homes, assisted living, and private residences from home health, hospice, and mobile physician organizations. The images captured by our highly qualified technologists are remotely transmitted for Radiologists and Cardiologists to analysis.
Why Choose HealthCare Imaging?
Here are some properties which makes us different from others
  • Skill trained medical staff
  • Secure Radiology Portal with Online access to results, images, and ordering
  • Advance Imaging Equipment
  • Board-Certified Radiologists
  • AART-Certified Technologists
  • ARDMS-Certified Sonographers
  • TMB Certification